Hi! I'm Julia.

I write plays, screenplays, and fiction. I am a great writer and a fun person to talk to face-to-face. I am bad at web design and writing about myself. 

I can be found in Brooklyn. I'm there by way of Boston.

Right now, I'm really into faith and belief systems. Most of my recent work is about that. I've been spending a lot of time writing about UFO cults and Bigfoot hunters. I'm fascinated by the mechanics of truth and how certain ideas become core to who we are.

My hair is no longer blue but I look fucking cool in this picture so I refuse to change it. I prefer to live in a fantasy world where I am constantly brooding in front of a sunset. 

I'm pretty fun to chat with over email and I will answer you if you don't wind up in my spam folder. jaspecht @ gmail dot com

photo: Christine Banna (www.christinebanna.com)